Luz Cazeneuve – Dastech International

Early this year, I took on a project to update the company’s File maker import and distribution solution. I feel so lucky that I connected with Mike, since our first conversation, I knew he was the right person to take on this challenge. He was responsive to my calls and kept me on track to get the project moving forward. Mike has a keen understanding of the company’s processes and workflow, and he built an impressive Dbase with automation that will make our office more efficient.

What do you get when you hire Mike :

You will get a top-notch developer, someone that challenges you to make the automated process better and he will find creative solutions for impossible problems and most important he is an excellent project manager.

Project Description

Empowered Data Solutions (EDS) undertook a significant project for Dastech International, a company specializing in chemical distribution. The project’s scope was expansive, aiming to enhance Dastech’s multi-file solution initially built in FileMaker 4 and 5. The primary objectives included:

  • Adding New Features: Implementing advanced functionalities to streamline Dastech’s operational processes.
  • Building Data Integrity: Strengthening data entry protocols with constraints to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Enhancing Data Integration: Facilitating seamless interaction between various data points, encompassing customer orders, import purchase orders, bill of lading, inventory, warehouse information, delivery orders, and invoices.
  • Improving Reporting: Developing comprehensive reporting tools for a holistic view of the workflow, including regulatory documentation for the import process.

The project’s main challenge was reverse-engineering and re-architecting a complex system developed over many years by a citizen developer. This process involved:

  • Streamlining Data Entry: Simplifying and standardizing data entry processes to enhance efficiency and data quality.
  • Process Improvement: Re-engineering existing workflows to eliminate redundancies and optimize operations.

EDS successfully addressed these challenges by leveraging modern FileMaker architecture, ensuring a more robust, integrated, and efficient system for Dastech International.