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Trusted Consulting

We know that great consulting begins with good listening! By listening to each other, we can find the pain points and get your business flowing more smoothly.

Knowing what questions to ask and finding all the blind spots are core strengths we bring to the table. This, paired with a solid understanding of current technologies, allows us to maximize the return on your investment.

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Workflow Analysis

The broad experience we have gained from working with a very diverse clientele is one of the things that sets us apart as a leader in the community. This grants an ability to see past the specifics to recognizable patterns that reveal areas which can be optimized.

Watching and listening to your daily workflow as well as getting underneath to discern why things are the way they are allows us to apply our experience to create more optimized flows for your whole team.

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Skilled Development

Not only are we FileMaker Certified from versions 9 through 2023, but we work hard to stay on top of current web technologies and integration options. Having a wide range of tools in our "tool belt" means that we can choose the right one for the job.

We are strong believers in the power of FileMaker's Workplace Innovation Platform, so we work hard to hone our skills in that area.

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User Training

Whether your whole team wants training or just a few key members, we have the ability to ensure all are comfortable with the FileMaker platform in general as well as your custom solution.

Training your team to take over more of the development of your custom system is a great cost-saving and empowering step. Whether you need to create a simple report or add new functionality, we will be there to help you plan and train your team to do as much or as little as you desire.

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Systems Integration

Often your information needs to work with several programs in order to get the most out of it. Lack of integration can result in double or triple entering of data into different systems, wasting time, and opening more avenues for data entry errors. Integrating other systems into your custom software is one of our specialties!

There are an abundance of exciting possibilities with integratable APIs to empower your data to do incredible things. Some examples of this include communicating with accounting software, mapping and routing address data, validating and correcting addresses (including national change of address data), email sending campaigns, and many, many more.

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Advanced Coaching

Tap into years of FileMaker experience with us and learn how to innovate your workplace. Whether you are a novice needing help with your first report or a seasoned developer who just needs help getting over a bump in your development road, we can empower you to get to the next level. Coaching offers the advantage of either seeing it done in front of you or doing it yourself with guidance so you know you're making the right steps at every moment.

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Ongoing Support

A thriving business is dynamic, undergoing changes in workflow and rules regularly. Developing an intuitive solution for your workplace is often just the first step. We will be there to support you as needs arise, ready to keep things running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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Welcome to EDS

Empowering Your Data to Serve You Better

At Empowered Data Solutions we have been working with the FileMaker platform for over 17 years. Keeping customers happy with a consistant, measureable return on investment is our number one priority. We want to be part of your winning team and provide you with the knowledge, tools, and experience needed to help you succeed.

While some companies split their development team over multiple platforms, we prefer to invest all of our energy into the great Workplace Innovation Platform that FileMaker has created and improves continuously. The FileMaker platform provides incredible flexibility and integration opportunities that can easily maximize business processes.

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